Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just an Update : )

Hello ALL! I just wanted to check in with my friends and family. We have been so busy lately…much to do! We are not quite sure when it will fully sink in that we are having twins. One alone is overwhelming…two…well WOW. Although we are ecstatic with every inch, twins were definitely not something we had planned, so getting ready is overwhelming. Twin moms are supposed to take it easy during pregnancy, is that possible? Craigslist has become my new best friend. I plan on buying all the large items on there, and relying on my baby shower for clothes, pampers, bottles, washcloths…you know all the small stuff. We have already gotten two cribs, a changing table, and dresser all for only $165…again thank you craigslist. : ) I have got one out of the two high chairs I need(I am getting the Fisher Price SpaceSaver that goes right into your dining room chair which will save us loads of space). My milking pump I also got on there, retails $250 bought for $60! I also found the perfect bedding and ordered that from Ebay, it is PERFECT. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find crib bedding and nursery ensemble for boy/girl twins! VERY HARD! I got BOTH crib bedding sets for $98 (here is a pic of the bedding it so cute : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001KUSSB2/ref=asc_df_B001KUSSB2865782?smid=A969ARKCDJC7L&tag=shopzilla_rev_1400-20&linkCode=asn ) YAY! I have collected Precious Moments since I was a small child and that is what I am doing their nursery in. I am waiting on a good deal for the swing I want and a the double stroller. It is hard to find an inline double stroller where the front seat reclines for an infant. I also still need to get a ton of car seats. We will need at LEAST 4…again craigslist is where I am looking : ) I cant see paying $80 plus bucks a piece for new ones. I am a budget, deal finding kinda girl! I pay full price for NOTHING. LOL. I had a gift card that I have had for about 3 years to Macy’s (never in my life have shopped there) for $25…went to the mall last weekend with my friend and thought maybe I find an outfit one of the babies…had picked one out for our son $25…because I know I wont have to worry about clothes for our girl..lol. Well went to go use my gift card and had expired, went to customer service to reactivate, and what do you know…sudden urge for potty break, on my way to restroom passed some baby clearance racks that seemed to be hiding away. After my release…hehe, I checked them out AND there were TWO large racks that had a $4.99 sign on it! But the tags said 7.99 plus, So I went and asked an associate if the clothes on the racks were really $4.99, she said yup they are.. SO GUESS WHAT. I got FIVE COMPLETE outfits for $25! YAY for clearance racks!

Well this Friday we leave for vacation. We are going on our last family vacation for probably about 18 years! HEHE. Enrique, Kaleb and I are going to Stone Mountain, GA which is one of our favorite places to visit, then to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, TN. I have made a daily agenda which is always my job to do for our vacations. It is fun filled we can’t wait. We are doing putt putt, gem mining, comedy show, magic show, 3 water parks, mirror maze and much much more…I just cant wait. I am already getting very uncomfortable and walking is hard and with potty breaks…well lets just say pray for patience for Enrique I am going to be worse than a kid! Kaleb is going to have a ball.

When we come back I have two doctor appointments. One with my regular OB for regular monthly check-up on the 11th, then one with high risk doctor where I will have another level II ultrasound as well as an echo done of both their hearts to make sure they are functioning properly on the 13th. Although I seen a good four chambers at my last level II ultrasound, I know things can still go wrong and I am nervous. But I got FAITH…all you need is faith as big as a mustard seed, and my faith is bigger than the Grand Canyon, so I think we will be alright!

My step-son Kaleb is getting a baby brother, Parker on the 13th! Anita is scheduled for a C-Section at noon that day, so say a prayer for a smooth and problem free and speedy recover c-section for her! So Kaleb is going to get 2 baby brother and a baby sister all with in 5 months of each other!!!! From a single child to a having THREE siblings! This is definately going to be interesting!

We are having our baby shower Sunday September 20th at 2pm. My mom, bestest friend Tiffany, and sister-in-law Tiffany are hosting with help of others as well. Enrique’s cousin reserved the clubhouse at her townhouse complex for FREEEEEEE !!! : ) It is beautiful, on the second floor and overlooks the pool and pond with fountain. We have registered at Target as well as BabiesRUs. If you would like more information on the shower please contact my friend Tiffany through email at TiffTaff16@aol.com .

I also wanted to say thank you to some special women. I am on an online community WhattoExpect.com . I was on with a very special group of women who delivered their babies in January with me. They have supported us, prayed for us, shared in our joys and tears and they mean so much to me. I wanted to say thank you also because a few of you have also sent me hand me down donations that I appreciate so very very very much. I cannot express our gratitude for that, every bit helps so much. Yesteday I got two good size boxes with probably over 100 items of baby clothes both boy and girl, I cried! You women from Jan ’09 are just amazing and I cherish you. You are my second family. Thank you Jan ’09! I love you

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  1. Holly said...
    You sound very busy!! I hope you have a great trip and that your appts go well!

    July 29, 2009 6:32 AM
    Roxanne said...
    It is amazing the out pouring of love you can recieve on the internet . I am so happy to hear your are able to get some hand me downs from others . Babies where there clothes so little I am sure they are like new .

    July 29, 2009 4:43 PM
    Anonymous said...
    I came accross your story and it has touched me unbelievably. You are such a strong woman. I pray all goes well for you and your family. You have so much love to share and women like you make the world such a better place.

    August 3, 2009 10:12 AM
    Denise Cox (niseycox) said...
    From a fellow WTE Jan mommy. We love you so much. I believe God put you in our lives to see what a real pillar of strength looks like. I know you couldn't have gotten through that without God but it is the fact that you relied fully on Him and didn't waver. I am so happy that He has given you these healthy babies, FINALLY. The only other times in my life I have been this happy are when I had my babies. I pray for you and these peanuts every day and think of you and Enrique on a daily basis. Congratulations momma. My prayers will always be with you.

    August 5, 2009 2:43 PM
    Danika said...
    Great find.!! Its really very hard to find perfect crib bedding. I think you selected a perfect one.

    August 13, 2009 5:17 AM