Friday, November 20, 2009


Well, I had my 34-35 week appointment on Wednesday. I am proud to say I am 1cm dilated and my doctor could feel Paige's head!!! YAY! All has went well and quite uneventful, which is quite unusual for me, but I am so glad. I prayed so hard for an uneventful smooth pregnancy, and God has really showed off! We have finnished moving and are all settled in. Thank you to everyone who helped in moving us and making this as easy as possible for me. I have been on bedrest and out of work for two weeks now, without that I am sure I would have had the twins by now! Just being off my feet has been a huge physical relief, I had no idea that was cuasing so much of my pains. I have definately noticably started to drop alot. I am getting so very excited, so very soon I will be holding my lil Gavin in Paige in my arms, and it will all seem so unreal, much like it does now. I am excited about going into spontaneous labor as I was induced with both Elisha and Alexis, and dont know any different. Next week I am booked with appointments. Monday I have an NST (non-stress test), Tuesday I have a regular OB appointment, Wednesday I have an ultrasound and meet with my high-risk doctor, Thursday is Thanksgiving...gobble gobble, the Friday another NST. WOW! I am wore out just thinking about it. 1 1/2 more days and I will be at my "safe point" of 35 weeks. That is a big milestone, where I should be able to deliver with little to no complications with the twins. I am most certainly anxious to see how much they are weighing in at my ultrasound next Wednesday! Well, that is all the updates for now! Will check in next week!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm in the hospital but babies are A-OK

So I went Monday for my NST (non-stress test) and I guess the nurse said I was having some issues I was unaware of lol. The babies did well with their test and are doing great, however mommy seemed to have bp og 148/70...nbot soo good, and the nurse pointed out how there was not supposed to be and fat or puffiness on the top of my feet and front of my legs, and I pointed out to her how I cant see my legs and feet anymore, so then she made me pee in a cup, and explained how my keytones were VERY low, and that I was either starving or dehydrated which I assured her I was neither, I drink between 1 and 2 gallons of water a day, and trust me I eat, so per the doctors orders I had to stay overnnight and they have to collect my pee for 24 hours. So I have my urine sitting on ice in the bathroom at the hospital...too funny. Bloodwork came back good...a few things borderline, but nothing out of the ordinary for a preggo. Praying my pee comes back okay. I do have a feeling when the doctor comes this afternoon bedrest will be in my future... I just gave my job my two week notice before I start my maternity leave, was supposed to refresh train someone to do my job while Im gone, and have a TON of stuff to do to get them ready and be stocked while I'm gone...I am lil stressed about that, I definately do not want to leave them hanging. They have been oh so good to me. I have been through so much these last few years and they have been so understanding and supportive. We will see how that goes. Oh the best part, I had a good friend come up to visit and stay with me last night, she drove me to the hospital for my normal weekly NST, and we were going to go have dinner at Red Lobster and I was gonna show her the nursery etc etc...and I got stuck at the hospital What the HECK! But my mom is the best, and she picked us up Red Lobster to-go and brought it to the hospital, and we still got the dinner we were looking so forward too HEHE. And she sated and visited till late, stayed at my parents, then came back to the hospital in the morning to we still had a good visit, hadnt seen her in almost a year! Thanks Ashlee for being so supportive!
I gotta keep these two baking for at least another 2 1/2 weeks so please pray that they bake a lil longer. Thanks for all your support. GOD Bless!

Dr. Appointments week of October 26th

My doctor appointments last week went very well.!. I had my regular OB appointment as well as an ultrasound with my high risk doctor. Regular OB appointment went great, heartbeats were good. They are not going to check my cervix anymore unless I haev having problems or contractions as they dont want to irritate it if they do not have to, which is completly understandable. They said after this my 33rd week which is my current week I will have to start going to the hospital twice a week instead of once to have my NST's done (non-stress test)(they hook up a monitor to both babies and to me and measure their heartbeats and make sure the accel and decel a good number of times, and then they monitor for any contractions on me) i am glad they are taking so much preccaustions, definatley puts me at ease.

My ultrasound also went very well. Both Gavin and Paige are head-down (for now) PRAISE GOD, cause I sure am praying for a natural vaginal delivery with the help of a GOOD epidural hehe. They are healthy as can be in there and fighten already. And they BOTH weighed in at 4lbs4oz EACH! He said if I make it to 37 weeks they will be 7+pounders. HOLY COW!!! My weight gain is still good, as of that appointment was 24 pounds, which I am so proud of! I should loose that right will just be a matter of getting back into shape...wait...I was never "in shape" LOL perhaps I will attempt it this time LOL. God only knows what this belly is gonna look like after they come start prayin now HEHE Total Restoration! hehe.

Thanks for checkin in friends and family!!! God Bless