Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dr. Appointments week of October 26th

My doctor appointments last week went very well.!. I had my regular OB appointment as well as an ultrasound with my high risk doctor. Regular OB appointment went great, heartbeats were good. They are not going to check my cervix anymore unless I haev having problems or contractions as they dont want to irritate it if they do not have to, which is completly understandable. They said after this my 33rd week which is my current week I will have to start going to the hospital twice a week instead of once to have my NST's done (non-stress test)(they hook up a monitor to both babies and to me and measure their heartbeats and make sure the accel and decel a good number of times, and then they monitor for any contractions on me) i am glad they are taking so much preccaustions, definatley puts me at ease.

My ultrasound also went very well. Both Gavin and Paige are head-down (for now) PRAISE GOD, cause I sure am praying for a natural vaginal delivery with the help of a GOOD epidural hehe. They are healthy as can be in there and fighten already. And they BOTH weighed in at 4lbs4oz EACH! He said if I make it to 37 weeks they will be 7+pounders. HOLY COW!!! My weight gain is still good, as of that appointment was 24 pounds, which I am so proud of! I should loose that right after...it will just be a matter of getting back into shape...wait...I was never "in shape" LOL perhaps I will attempt it this time LOL. God only knows what this belly is gonna look like after they come out...best start prayin now HEHE Total Restoration! hehe.

Thanks for checkin in friends and family!!! God Bless

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