Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting the to Miserable Stage!

Well I am 30 weeks along. Praise God I have made it this far. But am I EVER feeling the pregnancy woes! I am emotional, everything hurts, I can't sleep, I am peeing every 30 minutes to an hour, if ones not moving around the other one is, and I have one set of feet up in my ribs and another one down below. Sometimes the pressure is so immense I cant even walk, and the pains are so sharp I cant even stand up straight. BUT..... I KNOW when they are in my arms, I wont remember a thing, and it will have ALL been worth it. I am doing my very best at work to make it. I reeeally need to make it to 34-35 weeks. Whatever time I take now takes off of my maternity leave I get to spend with Gavin and Paige and I dont want to take any time away from them. I see my regular OB Wedensday where he will check me for dialation and what ot for the first time. Kind of nervous, I would FREAK if I started to dilate. I have never went into labor on my own, and am quite scared. I am also quite scared of c-section....well VERY scared of c-section. I dont want to be down and out after they are here...I wanna be able to hold my babies and do what I gotta do with them ya know....esssspecially with two of them! I have another ultrasound next Wednesday, and am anxious for that appointment to see what they are weighing in at and how the fluid is doing around Gavin, hopefully it has gone down. This very may well be my last ultrasound before I have exciting right!!! We have been SO very blessed and need for close to nothing...I know once they get here there will be stuff that we didnt think of or something, so we saved money aside from baby shower for that. We were so nervous financially, as any parents expecting twins would be, but we have been BLESSED beyond words. Thank you EVERYONE who has helped us, there are SO many of you, we cant tell you how much we appreciate everything. God we give you PRAISES and GLORIFY your name. What would we do, and where would we be without YOU GOD. And what would I do without my mom! Who knows! She has helped SO very much. And my dear sweet husband, oh how I love him. The other day I came home for lunch with a dozen red roses, two of my favorite candy bars, and a wonderful card, saying how proud he is of me, and how I am doing a great job. He wont even let me get off the couch when we are home. He is taking care of his family, and doing a GREAT job! Will give an update after my doctor appointment on Wednesday. God Bless !!

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