Thursday, October 8, 2009

So we had an appointment with our perintologist (high risk dr) with a level II ultrasound as well as an appointment with our regular OB. All is going very well. Paige which is baby A who will dliver first and is lower is weighing in at 3lbs2oz and she is head down, Gavin which is baby B and a lil higher up is currently breech (feet down) and is weighing in at 3lbs1oz! Their weights are great, they are about in the 65-67th percentile. They were unable to check my cervix via ultrasound because Paige was resting her lil head right on top of it, so she was hiding it...and glad to know that, definately explained why I have SO much pressure, little twerp! Gavin has a excess amniotic fluid around him, which is what they call Polyhydramnios, BUT I am clear of gestational diabetes and seems to be no chromosomal problems, which is what sometimes causes excess fluid. So now I have to go for an ultrasound every 3 weeks instead of 4 to monitor me. It can't really cause too many complications other than discomfort and pre-term labor. Here is a GREAT tidbit I thought. I have gained only 21lbs since the start! I was proud of myself for that! And I must admit it is not because I have been eating right. But now that I know I am on a good weight train...I think I am going to start eating alot better so I can keep my weight gain at a minimum. My fundal height is measuring that of 1 full term baby, and their combined weight is that of 1 full term baby, 6lbs3oz WHEW! If I can make it to 36 weeks I should have some 7lbers! WOW.!. We are praying and hoping for a vaginal deliver, c-section just scares the heck out of me. I am not a major surgery kinda girl, and I would like to avoid any downtime after they are here, I wanna be able to hold and care for my babies soon as they get here! I am also a BIG WUS when it comes to pain...nope nope not a good big fan at all. But they both have to be head down for keep us in prayer they will cooperate. I can't believe how big they are already! I asked the tech if she would switch to 3d to take a couple face shots, and she sure did. I was excited, all the techs are super nice there. Well that pretty much sums it up I suppose. Until Next time, oh and I will be sure to post some new whale pictures...oh oh I mean belly pictures shortly! God Bless!!!! : )
Gavin mad beacuse his sister is kickng him in the forehead (yes that is her foot)
Gavin mad sisters foot is on his head
Gavin smiling because he loves his mommy!Gavin Smiling
Gavins Head, Knee, and Foot
Gavin Enrique Head Knee Foot
Paige Marie
Paige Marie 3lbs2oz
Paige Marie Daddy's Little Girl
Paige Marie
Paige Marie cutest lil profile
Paige Marie 28 weeks

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