Friday, November 20, 2009


Well, I had my 34-35 week appointment on Wednesday. I am proud to say I am 1cm dilated and my doctor could feel Paige's head!!! YAY! All has went well and quite uneventful, which is quite unusual for me, but I am so glad. I prayed so hard for an uneventful smooth pregnancy, and God has really showed off! We have finnished moving and are all settled in. Thank you to everyone who helped in moving us and making this as easy as possible for me. I have been on bedrest and out of work for two weeks now, without that I am sure I would have had the twins by now! Just being off my feet has been a huge physical relief, I had no idea that was cuasing so much of my pains. I have definately noticably started to drop alot. I am getting so very excited, so very soon I will be holding my lil Gavin in Paige in my arms, and it will all seem so unreal, much like it does now. I am excited about going into spontaneous labor as I was induced with both Elisha and Alexis, and dont know any different. Next week I am booked with appointments. Monday I have an NST (non-stress test), Tuesday I have a regular OB appointment, Wednesday I have an ultrasound and meet with my high-risk doctor, Thursday is Thanksgiving...gobble gobble, the Friday another NST. WOW! I am wore out just thinking about it. 1 1/2 more days and I will be at my "safe point" of 35 weeks. That is a big milestone, where I should be able to deliver with little to no complications with the twins. I am most certainly anxious to see how much they are weighing in at my ultrasound next Wednesday! Well, that is all the updates for now! Will check in next week!

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