Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm in the hospital but babies are A-OK

So I went Monday for my NST (non-stress test) and I guess the nurse said I was having some issues I was unaware of lol. The babies did well with their test and are doing great, however mommy seemed to have bp og 148/70...nbot soo good, and the nurse pointed out how there was not supposed to be and fat or puffiness on the top of my feet and front of my legs, and I pointed out to her how I cant see my legs and feet anymore, so then she made me pee in a cup, and explained how my keytones were VERY low, and that I was either starving or dehydrated which I assured her I was neither, I drink between 1 and 2 gallons of water a day, and trust me I eat, so per the doctors orders I had to stay overnnight and they have to collect my pee for 24 hours. So I have my urine sitting on ice in the bathroom at the hospital...too funny. Bloodwork came back good...a few things borderline, but nothing out of the ordinary for a preggo. Praying my pee comes back okay. I do have a feeling when the doctor comes this afternoon bedrest will be in my future... I just gave my job my two week notice before I start my maternity leave, was supposed to refresh train someone to do my job while Im gone, and have a TON of stuff to do to get them ready and be stocked while I'm gone...I am lil stressed about that, I definately do not want to leave them hanging. They have been oh so good to me. I have been through so much these last few years and they have been so understanding and supportive. We will see how that goes. Oh the best part, I had a good friend come up to visit and stay with me last night, she drove me to the hospital for my normal weekly NST, and we were going to go have dinner at Red Lobster and I was gonna show her the nursery etc etc...and I got stuck at the hospital What the HECK! But my mom is the best, and she picked us up Red Lobster to-go and brought it to the hospital, and we still got the dinner we were looking so forward too HEHE. And she sated and visited till late, stayed at my parents, then came back to the hospital in the morning to visit...so we still had a good visit, hadnt seen her in almost a year! Thanks Ashlee for being so supportive!
I gotta keep these two baking for at least another 2 1/2 weeks so please pray that they bake a lil longer. Thanks for all your support. GOD Bless!

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