Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last Weeks Doctor Appointments

Ok... I had two doctor appointments last week. Tuedsay I had a regular monthly OB check up. I had to take my 1 hour glucose test for gestational diabetes, and I also was diagnosed with an upper respitory infection and was given a Z-Pack for. Today a week and a 2 days later, I am FINALLY feeling better. I felt so terrible. I also got a call yesterday that I failed my 1 hour glucose test. So I have to go in Wednesday morning at 8am for a 3 hour test. I ahve to drink this nasty stuff, and then they take my blood every hour for three hours. My doctor also told me I needed to start watching my weight, which I agree with her. Since my appointment I have been eating healthy, and feel good about it. I have actually lost 3 pounds. I want to make sure my weight does not get out of control so that I can not get it back after the twins are born. I am terribly upset about failing my glucose test. The chances of gestational diabetes are much higher with twin pregancies as your body produces more insulin with two babies. I pray I do not have it, I dont really need that stress.

My second appointment on Thursday was another level II ultrasound along with a fetal echo of both babies hearts. That appointment I was quite nervous about. There were things my first level II could have missed, and I did not want them to have a heart defect like Elisha did, that ultimately took his life. BUT...both babies are still 100% healthy. No visible defects anywhere. PRAISE GOD!!! I am finally relieved.

If I can ask you to say a prayer that I do not have gestational diabetes, thank you family. I will definately update after I get my results, which should be next Thursday.


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