Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September Update!!!

Hello dear friends and family. I am sorry I have not updated in SO long. All is well here. I did fail my 1-hour glucose test to test for Gestational Diabetes, but took the 3-hour test and passed. HOWEVER, when I went to the doctor last week it showed I had a high amount of sugar in my urine specimen…soooo I have to retake the 3-hour test AGAIN. I have to drink this HIGH potency sugar drink that is like kool-aid with 4 cups of sugar in it, and they take my blood 4 times. Oh joy. We had an ultrasound last week and both Gavin and Paige are doing GREAT~! Absolutely perfect. Currently they were both in the head down position (perfect for a vaginal delivery) Baby A which is the one that is lower Paige our lil girl weighed in at 1lb12oz and Baby B which is Gavin weighed in at 1lb10oz. Both heartbeats were also perfect high 140’s and low 150’s. We have been blessed beyond words! Doctor said because we are having twins I have to deliver in an Operating Room (in case of an emerg c-sec) so only Enrique will be aloud in the room with me. No mommies L . There will be a ton of nurses and doctors in there for two of them anyhow. But still!
Our baby shower is THIS SUNDAY!!!! I am beyond excited. I have never gotten to have a baby shower before and I am so so so ecstatic! Our cousin Lizette lives in a nice complex with a nice clubhouse that we are able to rent for FREE! YAY. We have been working on the nursery slowly but surely. After the baby shower we can put on the finishing touches. We have bought everything big I can think of with the exception of the glider/rocker for the nursery. We have gotten the cribs, changer, dresser, bouncers, swings, jumperoo, gliders, high chairs, car seats etc etc…so I am praying that with the baby shower I get all my small necessities (butt crème, diapers, wipes, medicines, baby bath, lotions, blankets etc etc). I put everything we will NEED all the small stuff on my registries. So many good things are on the way in our life right now, blessed we are. Will do an update with pictures after the shower on Sunday. Love you all!!!

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