Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Results are in From our First Ultrasound!!!

First of all let me say Praise Be to GOD!!!! I am an absolutle wreck because all I know in pregnancy is bad things...unfortunatly. I was so scared and nervous today I would see no heartbeat. GOD IS SO GOOD!!! The SECOND she laid the wand on my belly she said ITS TWINS. I said NO WAY!!!!!!!! I immediately starting balling uncontrolably. She said are you happy or sad...I said happy...I have lost 4 babies. I KNEW I was pregnant with twins...the second I found out I was pregnant a month ago I told my husband along with most of my family I knew it was going to be twins. Enrique was looking forward to this ultrasound to prove me wrong. I thought he would have passed out...but he stood up and held my hand as I wept. He gave me a BIG hug when we walked out with a big smile on his face. He just left for work a few minutes ago..I told him not to think about it too hard at work...cause he might give himself a heart attack...hehehe. I just cant beleive it! I REALLY cant! I go to the doctor tomorrow...I cant wait...he is going to be so excited for us! He said God was going to bless us! Both sacs were great and Baby A's heartbeat was 170 and Baby B's heartbeat was 172 and my estimated due date is December 29th. Holy Cow I just dont beleive it..I mean I knew it...but now that it is reality!!! WOW. THANK YOU everyone who has been praying for us ... we cant thank you enough. Praise God!!!


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